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The government should take steps to install hidden cameras in populated areas


CCTV cameras are now one of the important things to install at your home and your workplace to stay safe and to keep an eye on the activities that are happening around you. But there are some places where government should step in to install CCTV cameras.

For the safety of every citizen, a government should take steps to install the CCTV cameras in different populated areas. There are several benefits of installing CCTV cameras in public places such as bus stations, train stations etc.

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The criminals will never get involved in any major criminal activity if all the public places are covered with the CCTV cameras. The government will find a great decrease in criminal activities after taking this important step.

The criminals will easily be captured with the help of CCTV cameras if they committed any criminal offense, therefore, they’ll think lots of time before committing any offense.


After installing the camera, it is going to be easy for the different security organizations to keep an eye on the public places and keep them safe from any kind of terrorist attack.

It will be helpful to keep an eye on suspicious activities of the criminals and what they are trying to attempt in a public place. Cameras will be of great use when it comes to keeping the places safe.


Spy cameras are great when it comes to looking for the criminals and terrorists without letting them know. The government should install the spy cameras at the public places to keep the people safe from any kind of mishap.

The government should take actions to install the spy camera so that they can avoid any potential crime. Spy cameras are going to be the best thing to keep the places secure.


The video evidence is the best option when it comes to providing the proof for a specific criminal offense in the court. People will definitely find the justice and the criminal will be punished according to the offense he’s committed.

People will love to live in such a country and they’ll appreciate this effort of government. The feeling of insecurity may cause many people leave the country, that may cause effects to the economy of the country. The feeling of safety will inspire many people to stay in the country and invest therein.


The installation of security cameras in all the public places is really important when it comes to monitoring several activities in these places. Active monitoring plays an important role in making the place safe.

Security forces will be able to use the security cameras to prevent any kind of criminal offense. Forces will be able to provide justice to the people on the basis of proofs.

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