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How workplace restrictions on women’s hair and clothing attire have evolved over the years?


The women are considered to be a symbol of beauty in most of the countries. That’s why women are more successful in the fashion industry as compared to other professional industries. It does not mean that women cannot work in any company or organization. There are many women around the world that are successfully working on several higher and lower ranks in different companies and offices.

But these women have faced a lot of difficulties in maintaining their beauty and looks because workplace restrictions prevent them from looking beautiful like many other women. These professional women have suffered a lot from some strict restrictions but fortunately, these restrictions are changing now and there are many changes made in different countries.

In this article, we’ll talk about the restrictions that were imposed by several companies on women in the past and then we’ll talk about the changes that are made to these restrictions. Here is some basic information on how workplace restrictions on women’s hair and clothing attire have evolved over the years.

Fancy dresses

The official women were strictly forbidden to wear fancy dresses during office hours as it was a common concept that fancy dresses are not a symbol of professionalism. Therefore, women were bound to wear the casual dresses while working in the office. Most of the women didn’t like this restriction but they had no other choice available. Even many men were also against such kind of restrictions.

Fortunately, the trend has changed now and many recent companies have now allowed their employees to wear the dress they want but there is only one restriction that the dress should not damage the values of the office. So, women and men can now freely wear their desired dresses without any trouble.

Hairstyle problems

The time when silk vs lace closures were popular all around the world, the professional women were busy in completing their everyday tasks. The professional women could not wear their favorite hairstyle in the past due to some official restrictions. These restrictions killed the dreams of many women. The women made several attempts in the past to remove these restrictions but they couldn’t succeed. However, their efforts have brought several amazing results for the present women and now women are allowed to wear their favorite hairstyles.

There are many offices that are still following the same rules and regulations that were developed decades ago. These workplaces must think of changing their rules according to the present trends. The professionalism doesn’t rely on the dress code or hairstyle. It actually relies on the skills that a person has. So, start hiring the skills instead of hiring the machines.

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Author:Ernest Webb